The True Meaning of Quality

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Quality is an overused word these days, one that's nearly lost its meaning. So I'll try to be very specific in describing what goes into quality tax care.

First, the CPA must not rush. It's possible to miss things if a CPA doesn't take the time to prepare a thorough return. And with the economic pressues of CPAs these days, the temptation for haste is often there.

I refuse to cut corners. In fact, when I prepare tax return, I go to the other end of the spectrum. You'll discover that I not only take the time to be thorough, but that I ask a lot of questions other CPAs don't even consider. Because I take that time, clients have remarked, "You know, I feel as though I've never had as thorough a tax return prepared before." That's a rewarding feeling.

Second, quality "tax care" means keeping up in a field that's changing faster than the nightly news. New tax laws are passed annually. And often include sweeping, revolutionary changes.

A CPA who doesn't make a consious effort to go to professional meetings and take frequent courses will be out of date in no time at all. And quite Frankly, the temptation is to do the minimum, because all those night and weekend courses cut into a CPA's relaxation time.

But I am active in continuing education. The State Board of Accountancy requires 40 hours of education every two years to renew a CPA's license. That's not good enought for me, though. I take over 80 hours of study in order to stay on top of the constant changes in tax rules and regulations.

How a CPA's Office Can Show Real Concern For You

Concern is also a term used pretty loosely these days. But allow me to share with you how my office goes out of its way to show concern for my clients.

First, you'll find we'll always recognize you when you come in. Ours is a small office -on purpose- so we can recognize and remember our clients.

Also, when you call you'll get appointment quickly. Unlike larger offices, we're not so busy that we can't see you within a few days.

Affordable, too

Just a word about fees. Everything costs too much these days. So I attempt to hold the line on my tax preparation fees to keep them below what many other CPAs charges. You'll be pleasantly suprised to find that overall, you may actually spend less with me for the exact tax return you'd have filed with another CPA. Yet you'll enjoy the atmosphere of a small office and, best of all, benefit from the most thorough tax return you'll ever have.

Isn't This What You've Been Looking For in Your CPA?

Allow me to summarize exactly what you'll find at our office.

  1. The most thorough tax return you'll have ever received
  2. The most up-to-the-minute knowledge in "tax care" today
  3. Affordable prices: less than what some other CPAs charge
  4. Above all, the highest quality and the greatest concern

Now that you've moved in and the important decision of choosing a CPA is upon you, I hope that this information has made your job easier. I also hope that you'll allow me to care for your tax problems. I truely believe that you'll feel as comfortable and trusting with me as you did with your last CPA... perhaps even more so.